Professional Dog Trainer, Dog Wrangler

(supplier of dogs for Film and TV) and Author.

Appeared in Film, TV and Radio on a Professional basis.

Author of "Good Pup Good Dog"

Aside from my work, my passion is, whenever possible, to help and protect animals. I only ever have rescue animals myself. Two dogs, two cats and ex battery hens. I am a Vegetarian, can`t be a Vegan as I eat my own chicken`s eggs if they lay any.



Lynne lives in Shropshire with her partner Howard and quite a few animals, these include 2 Donkeys, 4 goats, 6 dogs and 9 hens. Lynne is a writer and has had stories on the radio and in magazines, had plays performed and made a few short films (some under a pen name), but her first love is writing short stories. She is currently writing a book of short stories, with 50% of the profits going to COCOA.